Hunting in Poland

Roebuck hunt

Best time for roebuck hunts is the season’s beginning (on May 11th) and the rut which begins around July 15th and lasts up to around August 15th.

The season’s beginning is characterized by short vegetation , clear visibility and calm deer behaviour which allow to observe many roebucks and give the possibility of choosing the prettiest one. On the other hand during the rut, due to the calling possibilities you can gain very interesting trophies and experience unforgettable moments related to calling in the animals.

Hunting for red stag during rut

A rut lasts from September 15th till October 15th approximately.

Due to favourable conditions number of stags in the polish forests has increased in recent years. At the same time, the proper nutrition has improved life quality of stag’s population. Nowadays during a rut there a is big possibility of coming across large stags and to gain unforgettable adventures. One of the hunting methods during rut is stag’s calling, the method is very exciting and allows to obtain the biggest stags.

Hunting for fallow during a rut

A rut lasts from September 15th till October 15th approximately.

A rut starts around September 15th and can lasts as long as October 15th. Fallow isa beautiful animal with palmate shaped antlers. Hunting during rut is very exciting and allows to obtain the prettiest specimen.

During mating season fallows are more active which is favourable but at that time days are rather short. Hunting for fallow takes place both the morning and the evening.

Driven large game hunt

Season for driven hunting starts on October 1st and lasts up to January 15th. Depending on territory, the best hunts take place in the last two weeks of November until January 15th.

On this kind of hunt we can offer you hunting for wild boars, Red stags, hinds and roe does , and predators. The scenery and hunting will live in your memory, a beautiful view of polish hunting culture and unforgettable memories.